July 4th Hours: Open July 4 from 8 - 12, Closed July 5th.


Steve Shelburne - Owner


 Certified in Dometic, Atwood, Coleman, Airexcell, and Surburban, Expert  in Coleman Basement systems.  Married to Je-Ann (Office) with 2 kids and  2 stepkids.  When he has time, he loves to fly RC planes. 

Tammy Leninsky - Office Manager


 She has 30+ years in customer service and call center management.  She  is married to Gary (tech) and they have a dog named Lucy.  She enjoys  cross stitch, embroidery, painting, traveling, reading, and napping! 

Je-Ann Johnston - Purchaser


AAS Degree in Office Systems, 20+ yrs in office and retail settings.  She is also in charge of inventory, sales, cashier, customer service, making sandwiches, tv remote, and the cat.  She is married to Steve (owner) and has 2 kids (15 & 17) and 2 step-kids (12 & 14).  She loves to read mystery novels and watch crime shows, so don't cross her because she knows how to hide bodies! 


Landi Shaver - Office Assistant

Mother to 3 kids, married to Zac, loves crime shows, music, and horror novels.

 She is married to Zac and a mother of 3.  She loves crime shows, music and reading horror novels.

On-Site/Mobile Techs

David Stancill - Tech


  RV, Marine, Yacht Repair; Gas check Certified American Propane Acc.;  Master Captain; US Coast Guard; Int. open water diver; Rescue, night,  deep water diver; Master Diver US Army; Firefighter; Heavy haul truck  driver.  Married with kids, grand kids and great-grand kids.    

Zac Shaver - Paint & Body Manager


He is married to Landi and a father of 3.  He is a former Marine and has been doing paint and body for 10 years.  His favorite movie is Commando!

Jon Fish - Mobile Service


Jon is a jack-of-all-trades.  He has been in the RV industry for a long time and enjoys meeting new people.

Tom Pilgrim - Tech


He is a father of 3.  He enjoys spending time with his newborn daughter, Lucca.  His nickname is T-Bone from his football days.  He unfortunately is a Roll Tide fan.

George Smith - Plumbing Specialist


George was with Cleveland RV for over 10 yrs and once Shelburne RV took over, we kept him!  George has a lot of knowledge in RV repair and is great with customers on the sales floor when the ladies in the office aren't sure of the answer!

Gary Leninsky - Refrigeration Specialist


 Building maintenance for 10 yrs. Graduated Colorado Aero Tech with  Airframe and Powerplant License.  He is married to Tammy (Office) and  they have a dog daughter, Lucy (Mascot).  His hobbies include sleeping,  fishing, and ghost shows..spooky! 




Fat and Sassy, Sassy for short, came with the business.  She roams around the lot on a daily basis to make sure everyone is doing their job.  And their job is opening the door for her, to either let her out or let her in!  She loves her bed, food, boxes, and packing material.  She loves snuggles but only when she wants!  She is very mouthy and loves to talk back to you as well.  She makes sure she has the last word!

Lucy Leninsky


 She is exceptional when it comes to RVing and repair!  She has mastered  the art of napping, food clean-up and mingling with our customers.  She  patrols the storage yard during her nightly walks.  Her dad is Gary  (tech) and mom is Tammy (Office).  Her hobbies include sleeping and  chasing her tail.